Quick Pool Lesson

Crane's Billiard Service has assembled a quick pool lesson for you to enjoy. While we are not instructors, we are accomplished pool players and hope our lesson helps you to play better pool.

Approaching the Shot
Once your shot is determined, how you approach the shot can make all the difference in the world. Always approach the shot in the shooting direction. Once at the table, your front foot should end up pointing in the direction of the shot. Your back foot should be placed in a position that gives you good stability. Atleast shoulder width apart.

Bridging the Cue
A stable bridge hand is critical for shooting accuracy. To make a stable bridge, you must rest as much of your palm and fingers on the table's surface as the shot will allow. Lay your cue on top of the crease between your thumb and first finger. You may raise or lower the tip of the cue by pulling in or pushing out your fingers. When ready, loop your index finger over the shaft and pull your thumb in until those finger touch to hold it stable. Remember not to grip too tightly as the cue must glide smoothly through your fingers. Note: your bridge hand should be roughly 5 to 8 inches back from the tip of the cue.

Holding the back end of the Cue
Your back hand helps you control aim and power. Place your back hand about 8 to 12 inches forward of the back end of the cue. This may vary depending on your height.

Getting Level with the Table
When determining your next shot, a birds eye view is a good place to be. However, when shooting, you want to be as level with the table's surface as you can possibly get. Once you are inline with your shot and your cue is held properly you are ready to bend at the knees and waist until you are comfortably in position. Note: When getting down to make a shot, make sure that your chin is above the cue. This will improve your line of sight.

Now that you are in position, front foot pointing at the shot, back foot set just right, down on the table holding your cue and ready to shoot. Lets fine tune your shot and dtermine the exact point of aim.

The Ghost Ball Theory

To start you have to determine the direction you are shooting in. Find the next ball that you are going to shoot. Imagine a straight line from the center of the entended pocket back through the ball you plan to shoot. Then imagine a straight line from the point created on cue ball's side of the ball you entend to shoot back to the cue ball. Once this is done you know where to stand. Lower your cue along the line that leads back to the cue ball. This will have you in line for the shot. Get down close to the table so you can invision the shot. Look at the cue ball, then look at the object ball. Using the lines you were previously imagining, imagine the cue balls point of contact along the orginal line through the ball you want to shoot. This will help you to better visualize the shot. Take a few back strokes then fire away.

Players Tip
When ready to shoot, take a few practice strokes with the cue being careful not to hit the cue ball. This will help your mind set up the muscle memory needed for the real shot.

We hope you enjoyed our quick lesson
If you are interested in going further go to our links page and sign up for a lesson with Kim. She is great and will be a big help for your game.